Interview with Chestnut, a girl wears Warrior sneakers

We recently caught up with Chestnut (a versatile girl love art&design) to discuss warrior sneakers. I recognized warrior sneakers in some of her photo and I am sure it would be interesting to have a small interview with her here for all fans.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself ?

I’m an ordinary girl in college, China. I like graphic design, film post-production and photography. That's all my interests but I am pretty sure I am still amateur of all aspect :)

2. I saw your photos with warror sneakers,that's awesome! When was the first time you notice Warriors sneakers and why did you choose them in your photos?

I wore Warriors(Huili-回力) sneakers when I was a kid and I'm sure everybody of our age has a big impression on the shoes. In fact I didn't have much idea about when it came into popularity again. I like its style and think they look good on young people so bought a pair for my own. Another reason add to my affection to Warriors sneakers may be my best friend- he's also called Huili (回力) and yes, he wears Huili too :)

In recent year, many Classical Chinese brands like Feiyue, sailor's striped shirt(海魂衫) and warriors are attracting more and more public/media attention, even create craze in Europe. I wasn't too much surprised at that time, I believe trend is a cyclical process and these brands are getting recognition they deserve. But knowing his/her own style is important for an individual, you don't have to follow others by grabbing yourself warriors and Feiyue, in order not to be left outdated.

3. You have your dress shop online and part-time model, could you share your advice on the dress style of warriors sneakers?
Warriors were originally designed as sport shoes, yet not only for sports and physical exercise purpose. It's important to have one's own style, and Warriors sneakers have chemistry on different people, thus I think it's special for any individual!

4. If there's any reader come across this post and find this interesting, how can they contact you?
Sure, welcome to visit my blog I don’t mean to glorify any fashion hit but I hope everyone is confident with our own brands, they rock !

Thanks a lot
It's a pleasure!

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Feiyue in Tongji

If you wanna buy a pair of Feiyue in Shanghai, this is the post for you.For the past few weeks, many readers has found my post Grab a pair of Feiyue @ Shanghai 585 shop helpful upon their trip on Shanghai for this legendary sneaker.
The other day, I found Feiyue and Warriors are also available in my University with good surprise. So I decided to give y'all an idea of what went down there. I just want to make sure I direct you to the exact location of the store in the following content.

How to get there.Alright, there you go with the GUIDE:
: Tongji University, No.1239 Si-Ping Road, Yang-pu District, Shanghai.

a) If you're going there by bus, you can take No.55, 61, 115, 147, 910, 917, and get off in the stop of Tongji University (同济大学)。
b) If you're taking a taxi, just tell the driver, you're going to Tongji University and he/she will take you there safe and sound.( it's very famous !!)
c) Once you get in Tongji, find the Music Sqaure, and you'll see there's a store call "上海教育超市"(Shanghai Education Chain Store). Feiyue and warriors are right inside. If you have any problem with the site in campus, DO NOT hesitate to ask students for direction, they're all kind and ready to help.

View Larger Map

Meet US.Of course, if you want a meetup with authors of this post when you're visiting Tongji, drop us a emails before hand, via (blog author) or (Kevin, photographer of these fabulous Feiyue photos). We're more than happy to meet new friends and get their stories/photos posted up there !

photo: Feiyue in Tongji, by Kevin Young

photo of 上海教育超市 (Shanghai Education Chain Store)

Photo: Piles of Warriors Shoes

Photo:Piles of Feiyue and Warriors

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Feiyue x NSBQ launch in Hong Kong

By 阿杜.Steward

Thanks Ethan from That's PRD for sending me the link :)

In the video you can see the founder of Feiyue x NSBQ,MC Yan(BLOG) customizing 120 boxes of the sneakers for its recent launch in HongKong.

Credits of photos and video goes to
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Shouting out to a blog from James

By 阿杜.Steward

Hi, folks. I am making this post to 1) quoting a post 2) let you know a cool blog that I've been following for long-> IspyShanghai.

About IspyShanghai:I spy Shanghai is a blog created by James, who's from England now working as expat in Shanghai. He uses his blog as his way to help people(especially foreigners) know Shanghai/China better. I was impressed with his blog because he actually developed interesting insights(eg. how to avoiding being cheated by Taxi Driver... ) about the ins and outs of Shanghai !OK, y'all know that I'm really big on publicizing resources that you might enjoy,especially when they're provided by friends of mine, so I encourage you to check James' latest post about Feiyue on his [Shoe Tuesday Series] - >LINK.

Below is the quoted content from Jaems' post

---Shoe Tuesday / FeiYuesday---

Way back in the midsts or 2008 I bought a pair of shoes from a street vendor outside the fabric market.

They looked good and were kind of, almost my size if I didn’t wear laces and curled up my toes a bit. For 20RMB I wasn’t too fussy.

Fei Yue

Fei Yue

Now I realise that what I’d bought was a fake pair of a great and glorious part of Shanghai’s past: Fei Yue shoes.

FeiYue is what you would have worn to play out in the street if you were born in Shanghai in the 70s, and at least amongst kitschy type westerners and the odd cool Chinese they’re making a comeback.

When my workmate saw the photo of these shoes he said that he heard they were big amongst the type of people who wear Che Guevera t-shirts. Not something I would do, but it’s definitely in the right ballpark.

At the shop on 585 Zun Yi Lu they’ve got your Fei Yue, they’ve got your Warriors (another old Chinese brand) and they’ve got some Converse and miscellaneous tat too.

Other tat in the bargain bin

I was almost tempted by what seemed to be an officially endorsed Beatles.

Branded up Beatles shoes

I asked the lady if she had any colour other than fricking horrible, but sadly she did not.

Dingle has already written about this store at great length- with maps and the full 9 yards. More information and more of the shoes on offer can be seen there.

Dingle and lady friend

It was he and his lady friend (wearing matching red Warriors I might add) that gave me the directions to the shop.

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Comparison: French Feiyue and Chinese Feiyue

By 阿杜.Steward

One of our reader Valentina from Italy just sent me an email to show her confusion about 2 kinds of Feiyue shoes that are available in the market.
Clearly she's not the only one puzzled by this myth, so I decide to quote this email and clarify the issue to all of you :)
With Valentina's permission, I quote her email as below (I also bold out the areas that specially focus on her concern) :

From: Valentina
Sent: Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 10:34 PM
To: Steward.du[at]
Subject: Confusion about Feiyue and Feivue

Hello, Steward
I'm Valentina from Italy and I read your post on Feiyue page on Facebook:
I don't have any stories to tell but i'd like to ask you a question.
I was searching info about Feiyue shoes becouse i was used to wear them during my wushu training.
Me, my friends, my master and even my chinese monk master wear the same shoes, but i noticed that they are not original Feiyue.
They are Feivue (V not Y). I also noticed that many martial artists wear Feivue and not Feiyue, just becouse they are much cheaper (15€ for Feivue against 50€ for Feiyue).
Many people sell these shoes on ebay calling them FeiYue at low prices but they are actually FeiVue!
I was asking myself: is this imitation also popular in China? Do you know something about that?
This is just simple curiosity :)
You can see the differences here:

See you soon,

Here's my answer

From: Steward
Sent: Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 8:34 PM
Subject: Re:Confusion about Feiyue vs Feivue

Hi, Vale
For your concern,
First, there're 2 kinds of Feiyue shoes that are most widely seen in the market a) the French redesigned version of Feiyue b) the original Chinese Feiyue.
(For history of these shoes, I also suggest you see a previous post by me, please click here )

a) the Feiyue you mentioned in the email is the French Feiyue,
b) while the Feivue (as you put it) is actually the original Chinese Feiyue (in fact it's also spelt Feiyue, only because the poor printing caused your misunderstanding :P )

Q:Is this imitation popular in China ?
A: The French version is not available in China, we only have the original one :)

Plus, through the enclosed slide, I intend to give you a really easy illustration to identify these 2 types of Feiyue. (please click on the photo to see extra large zoom-in )

Download attached powerpoint file
(F-French, C-Chinese)

#1Shoe Tongue
The C version of Feiyue has on the tougue, TOPONE(大博文)'s wording and a star incon as trademark logo. When we compare it with the F version, Topone
s trademark is replaced with Feiyue and two parallel arrows.

#2Sole of the Shoe
Besides the outlook you can see from the photo, I'd like to add a few words for this part. The sole of C version Feiyue, I would not advise them for running, as the sole does not have much padding (They have richer padding in F version ). They are excellent for any martial arts requiring a wide range of foot motion or very low stances (like karate/Northern style kung fu/wushu) because they leave the ankles uncovered, allowing a large range of ankle flexibility.The inside of the shoe, you see the size of it.(I wear a #43 lol)They're also good because the flat sole keeps you from pronating while doing kicks or being in low stances, which can sprain or strain an ankle

#3 Side logo
As I said earlier, they're actually both spelt Feiyue :)

Hope this helps
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Talk with Yap, a reader from Singapore

By 阿杜.Steward

We just caught up with one of our reader Yap (who's from Singapore) to discuss his recent travel to Shanghai and the Feiyue 585 shop.

1. Hi,Yap,it's nice to have you. Can you introduce yourself briefly and I am curious about how did you get to know Feiyue ?

I am a Singaporean and working as an IT consultant. I love sports such as football, swimming, jogging, visiting to new countries, watching movies that has neat twists in the end.
We saw the pictures of Orlando Bloom spotted with his pair of Feiyue, google and found your blog.

2. Can you tell us the experience of visiting Feiyue 585, and share with our readers your findings ?
I just visited Shanghai this week for work. Using your information, I managed to visit the Feiyue 585 store yesterday. Thanks for that although it felt further than the 473.831 m that you mentioned from your blog when I walked from the train station( I used exit 2 of Loushanguanlu station).

I think it was quite an experience, especially trying to find the shop from the train station. The walk from the station seemed an eternity and worrying that I might have made a wasted trip if the shop has already closed for the day or if I had walked the wrong way. When I reach the 585 units, I really thought that I had got it wrong as the first few 585 units do not seemed to be selling shoes, until I walked to the last unit 585-1. The feeling cannot be described when I realised I am at the entrance of the legendary Feiyue 585 shop.The 585 store is nearer the traffic junction. Like you mentioned, shoes are stewn everywhere, with some stacked on on the shelves. Special mention to the owner who served me. She was very helpful, patience and chatty as she took my orders of 11 pairs.

Price wise, I think they increased the price recently after the publicity (I bought the white with blue and red stripes at $28 RMB). Also, not sure if it was only me but I felt some of the shoes which I wanted to buy had really bad imprints of the words "Feiyue" on them, with some wordings fading off and with uneven alignment of the soles joining to the canvas part of the shoe.

Oh by the way, do try the steam xiao long bao next to the shop. They were simply delicious, but be prepared to queue.
3. Can you tell us your attitude towards other Chinese classical stuff ? How should readers get in touch with you?
I would like to see these Chinese classical stuff earning more recognition from the people of China themselves. You can contact me here via email, add me in MSN using the same address or add me in facebook with the same address. As a start perhaps, just put my facebook as the main source of contact.
Thanks Yap !

Photos by Yap, check out his facebook photo alum for more...

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