Visit to Zhao's shop

Today paid a visit to my friend Zhao's newly opened shop, and grabbed a pair of Red Feiyue for my own...

The shop address is located at No.1239 NenJiang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai.(get off at Xiangyin Road Station line 10, if you're taking a metro)

在较大的地图中查看Zhao's shop
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Answer to some FAQs

The original purpose since I started my blog in early 2008 is to not about selling but to spread Feiyue/Warrior stories to the world. However, as you might know, I receive lots of concerns from people who also want to wholesale the shoes and inquire me about some trading information. I tried to offer my help to as many people as possible, and I did made some successsful deals with poeple from overseas. But since Feiyue/Warrior is only my interest and I'm still a full-time student with personal job to do, I was not able to give my response to all of you in time. Following are some FAQ from readers, and I think it's good to put some of my answers here for your information.

Q: Can you tell me the contact of Feiyue/Warrior's manufacturer ?

A:There were quite a lot of people inquired about the traditional Feiyue and Warrior sneakers and want to get shoes from the company directly, assuming that a direct deal would mean a more reasonable price. In fact it is not.
Take Warrior shoe company for example, if someone from abroad contact them, they will offered you a much higher export price (they sell higher price abroad than home, eg 30% or higher than domestic price). For Feiyue, they don't even have a company website.... Usually the best way I recommend (as I helped some buyers from Canada, United states) is to buy the shoes from local sales channels and ship them abroad. That's the most cost-saving method.

Q:I am looking for manufacturer who can make these shoes in high quality but at a good cost, and I worry if local sales channel is able to provide large quantity. A:Let me expain this way. Feiyue's original manufacturer is very difficult to find, in fact I tried to get in contact with them about a year ago for several times (someone from Canada and the US already contact me for this reason already). But the feedback from the company was negative: Their factory seldom deal directly overseas sales (the management team are some about-to retire people, and don't even have professional people to develop sales channel). There was even no one can speak good English. Most of the time, they took order directly from other local trading companies or footwear distributors. So you see, many of you want to deal directly with Feiyue company, but I can ensure you, I've tried this way, but it's very difficult.
So the best possible way is to do overseas trading with trading companies or footwear distributors who already have partnership with Feiyue, and that's how I helped my friend from Canada and US get Feiyue. About the quantities, they make production based on the requirement of order, so quantity won't be a problem, but prices and production time need further negotiation.

Other concerns pls email to me, if I don't answer please do not hesitate to resend me the email, don't be afraid to bother...I would try my best to help if you really want it !!!
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Some photos of the basketball game with Kyle

Some photos of the basketball game today with Kyle and his friends.
Kyle used to teach parkour and Kungfu in Canada (their training center). Last year I helped him to ship hundred of Feiyue shoes to Canada for students in his training center. At that time I had no previous experience in overseas shipment and we did encounter some problems. Luckily we were able to solve it all and made the deal finally.
Now Kyle has moved to Shanghai and planned to live here. He's a martial art trainer and also work as stunt actor!

(Wang, Tristan,me, Kyle)
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