Interview with Chestnut, a girl wears Warrior sneakers

We recently caught up with Chestnut (a versatile girl love art&design) to discuss warrior sneakers. I recognized warrior sneakers in some of her photo and I am sure it would be interesting to have a small interview with her here for all fans.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself ?

I’m an ordinary girl in college, China. I like graphic design, film post-production and photography. That's all my interests but I am pretty sure I am still amateur of all aspect :)

2. I saw your photos with warror sneakers,that's awesome! When was the first time you notice Warriors sneakers and why did you choose them in your photos?

I wore Warriors(Huili-回力) sneakers when I was a kid and I'm sure everybody of our age has a big impression on the shoes. In fact I didn't have much idea about when it came into popularity again. I like its style and think they look good on young people so bought a pair for my own. Another reason add to my affection to Warriors sneakers may be my best friend- he's also called Huili (回力) and yes, he wears Huili too :)

In recent year, many Classical Chinese brands like Feiyue, sailor's striped shirt(海魂衫) and warriors are attracting more and more public/media attention, even create craze in Europe. I wasn't too much surprised at that time, I believe trend is a cyclical process and these brands are getting recognition they deserve. But knowing his/her own style is important for an individual, you don't have to follow others by grabbing yourself warriors and Feiyue, in order not to be left outdated.

3. You have your dress shop online and part-time model, could you share your advice on the dress style of warriors sneakers?
Warriors were originally designed as sport shoes, yet not only for sports and physical exercise purpose. It's important to have one's own style, and Warriors sneakers have chemistry on different people, thus I think it's special for any individual!

4. If there's any reader come across this post and find this interesting, how can they contact you?
Sure, welcome to visit my blog I don’t mean to glorify any fashion hit but I hope everyone is confident with our own brands, they rock !

Thanks a lot
It's a pleasure!

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