Talk with Yap, a reader from Singapore

By 阿杜.Steward

We just caught up with one of our reader Yap (who's from Singapore) to discuss his recent travel to Shanghai and the Feiyue 585 shop.

1. Hi,Yap,it's nice to have you. Can you introduce yourself briefly and I am curious about how did you get to know Feiyue ?

I am a Singaporean and working as an IT consultant. I love sports such as football, swimming, jogging, visiting to new countries, watching movies that has neat twists in the end.
We saw the pictures of Orlando Bloom spotted with his pair of Feiyue, google and found your blog.

2. Can you tell us the experience of visiting Feiyue 585, and share with our readers your findings ?
I just visited Shanghai this week for work. Using your information, I managed to visit the Feiyue 585 store yesterday. Thanks for that although it felt further than the 473.831 m that you mentioned from your blog when I walked from the train station( I used exit 2 of Loushanguanlu station).

I think it was quite an experience, especially trying to find the shop from the train station. The walk from the station seemed an eternity and worrying that I might have made a wasted trip if the shop has already closed for the day or if I had walked the wrong way. When I reach the 585 units, I really thought that I had got it wrong as the first few 585 units do not seemed to be selling shoes, until I walked to the last unit 585-1. The feeling cannot be described when I realised I am at the entrance of the legendary Feiyue 585 shop.The 585 store is nearer the traffic junction. Like you mentioned, shoes are stewn everywhere, with some stacked on on the shelves. Special mention to the owner who served me. She was very helpful, patience and chatty as she took my orders of 11 pairs.

Price wise, I think they increased the price recently after the publicity (I bought the white with blue and red stripes at $28 RMB). Also, not sure if it was only me but I felt some of the shoes which I wanted to buy had really bad imprints of the words "Feiyue" on them, with some wordings fading off and with uneven alignment of the soles joining to the canvas part of the shoe.

Oh by the way, do try the steam xiao long bao next to the shop. They were simply delicious, but be prepared to queue.
3. Can you tell us your attitude towards other Chinese classical stuff ? How should readers get in touch with you?
I would like to see these Chinese classical stuff earning more recognition from the people of China themselves. You can contact me here via email, add me in MSN using the same address or add me in facebook with the same address. As a start perhaps, just put my facebook as the main source of contact.
Thanks Yap !

Photos by Yap, check out his facebook photo alum for more...

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